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Shenzhen Calison Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional production and processing company, engaged in LCD monitors, industrial displays, Automobile displays, OLED displays, we can also provide embedded display solutions, development, design, production, marketing service.


After established in 2013, our products are sold in many countries and we also have many years cooperation experiences with some famous brands including New Version, RealD, DAVS care system and so on. 

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ACF Bonding

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Bonding Wrokshop




Electron Microscope

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FPC Bonding


SCA Bonding


Environmental Climate Test


UV Curing Machine

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displays & embedded

We strive to be your favorite display specialist suppliers. We provide a range of embedded and display solutions.

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Bulk Discount

Larger the quantity you order, bigger the discount you can have. We’re ready to serve the best prices.

High Quality

We offer the best quality and do everything we can to ensure all our customer's satisfaction.


We keep our promises and we ensure you get nothing but the best in customer service from us.

Short Lead Time

Time is important for your order, that’s why we try our best to shorten the whole lead time into 30 days or less.

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Manufacturing Pro

We’re a new generation of manufacturer. Young, yet customer-driven, to make your order satisfying.

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​We want you to be completely satisfied with every purchase you make.

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Exclusively developing, producing and distributing displays and accessories for LCD, TFT, OLED and Touch panels for past 8 years.