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About Calison

Shenzhen calison Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional production and processing company, engaged in LCD monitors, industrial displays, Automobile displays, OLED displays, we can also provide embedded display solutions, development, design, production, marketing service.


After established in 2013, our products are sold in many countries and we also have many years cooperation experiences with some famous brands including New Version, RealD, Bear Robotics, DAVS care system and so on.

Our Products & Service

We specialize in the design, manufacturing and supply of high-quality LCD Modules. Calison has number of advanced LCM automatic and semi-automatic production lines in our factory, which can produce LCM from 1.77”-10.01” in size. Calison supports a wide range of applications in automotive, industrial and medical fields, etc.

Our main products are


  1. 1.6-55 inch LCD displays

  2. multi-kinetic AV/PC/BNC/HDMI/TV displays

  3. LCD Touch displays

  4. OLED displays

  5. Video microscope displays

  6. Industrial intelligent touch display



Need more info? Contact us 

If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Our Applications

- Industrial

- Machine Security System

- Telecom Product

- White Goods

- Audio System

- Medical Equipment

- POS System

- Cloud / IoT

- Intelligent Technology

- Energy System / Equipment

- Wearable Device

- Smart Home

- 3D Printing

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