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  • What Will Happens When Working Temperature Is Higher than The Specified By The LCD Monitor?
    The response time of the display screen will be shortened and the contrast will be affected. Some IC's noise will increase, DC-DC conversion will drift, a polarizer will be affected.
  • What Will Happens When Working Temperature Is Lower Than The Specified By The LCD Monitor?
    The response time will become slow, the contrast will be affected, the service life of the cold cathode backlight tube will sharply be shortened, and the backlight may not be lit.
  • What's Your Warranty Clause ?
    Refuse for return or exchange goods application: 1. The serial number provided in not same with what it pasted when it produced. 2. Related warranty cards, labels are altered or torn up; The serial numbers are rubbed off; The package is destroyed and content unrecognizable. 3. The product’s purchasing receipt and warranty card are altered, torn and lost. 4. Damage to the product caused by casual disassemble, repair and upgrade. 5. Damage caused by wrong operation, maintain and storage. 6. Artificially damage caused by movement, dropping, collision, extrusion, etc. 7. Lack and damage for accessories; The package with stains and severe extrusion marks. 8. Damage caused by wrong packing and transportation during the products ship return to manufacturer. 9. The outer packing seal was dismantled.
  • System will crash or a blue screen will appear when haven't enter the system completely after power on
    1. Check whether there is a conflict in the system resources.   2. Check whether there is an error in BIOS settings.   3. Replace the memory module. 4. Partition and format the hard disk again to install the operating system.
  • No respond after turn industrial computer on?
    1. Check whether the power socket is powered and connected to the industrial computer normally. 2. Check whether the power supply of the industrial computer can work normally (whether the power fan turns after power on), and whether the display is connected to the host normally. 3. Open the chassis cover to check whether the power supply is connected with the computer backplane or the main board normally, whether the connector between the backplane and the main board is loose, whether the power supply of the boot backplane or the main board is powered on, and whether the ATX power supply is wired correctly. 4. Check whether the alarm occurs when the memory module is unplugged and turned on. 5. Replace the CPU or main board.
  • Blurred Screen or Horizontal and Vertical Interference Stripes Appears on Display
    Choose the automatic setting item in OSD to set the phase and clock frequency automatically or set by manual.
  • No Display on Industrial Monitor but Power Indicator Is Green Light
    Check whether the input signal frequency is within the scanning frequency range of the monitor.
  • Correct Maintenance Method of Industrial Display
    The internal design of industrial rugged display is very precise. If the environment is humid, it is easy to make the internal circuit oxidize and corrode, resulting in short circuit and other phenomena, which will bring huge economic losses to users. Therefore, we should try our best to keep the environment of industrial display dry. Clean the industrial display screen correctly. If the industrial display has been used for a long time, it is easy to absorb some dust and dirt. Cleaning up industrial rugged display screen is inevitable. Correct cleaning methods should be adopted when cleaning: use soft, non-fibre degreased cotton or soft cloth to dip a little glass detergent and gently wipe off the dust or dirt on the screen.
  • ShenZhen Calison Technology co.,Ltd"
    Shenzhen Calison Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional production and processing company, engaged in LCD monitors, industrial displays, Automobile displays, OLED displays, we can also provide embedded display solutions, development, design, production, marketing service. After established in 2013, our products are sold in many countries and we also have many years cooperation experiences with some famous brands including New Version, RealD, DAVS care system and so on.
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