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As a prominent specialist in the display industry, we understand the scope of requirements that industrial displays need to conform to. This is why we work with leading manufacturers in the display industry to supply high-quality reliable displays.

Ordering your  products can be hard work. It requires you lots of time searching for the right manufacturer, who can offer a reasonable price with good service. That’s what Calison was born for. We believe in good products coming from carefully selected materials and premium production. And these should be done under the right budget, at a strict timeline, of a friendly MOQ.

Monochronic LCD

Medical Displays


High Quality, Display Manufacturers from China

We strive to be your favorite display specialist suppliers. We provide a range of embedded and display solutions.

The Manufacturer with Best Prices

A leading brand in China, Calison is the number one manufacturer of Displays. There are various points at which we differ from others; the prominent among them are our best prices. We strive to provide top-quality products at the most reasonable prices compared to all other companies.


With eight years of experience, Calison completely understands a buyer’s concerns; therefore, we communicate directly to our clients, so there are no middlemen involved. We ensure hassle-free services for our clients.

You Deserve Top-of-the-line Services

We believe that each client deserves the best packaging products for their brand, which helps them raise their products’ value significantly and attract several customers. We provide top-notch services for that purpose.


We help our clients to select a design trending in the market. We also ensure quality production and instant manufacturing and quick shipments.

Our Standard: Only The Highest Quality

Quality standards have always been a centre of focus for us. We strive to provide excellent quality products to our clients, and for that purpose, we ensure strictly implemented SOPs in our manufacturing zone.


Also, we perform a series of more than ten quality control tests in our self-owned laboratory at different production stages to ensure high quality and perfectly intact final product. We do not compromise on quality at any cost. Third-party reports are also available on demand.

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