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10.1 inch automobile LCD display with touch panel

10.1 inch automobile LCD display with touch panel

Specifications Dimensions 10.1"
Screen ratio 16: 10
Screen straight distance 0.28mmX0.2Smm (H, V)
Resolution 1280*800
Contrast 450:1
Brightness (cd/m2) 350cd/m2
Response time (ms) 5 ms
Perspective 140 (H), 140 (V)
Backlight selection LCD
Service life (hrs) 50000 (hrs)
Interface VGA Note: Interface Function
Customizable RGB: HDD-subl5 pin (female)
0.7VP-R Negative Synchronization (R, G, B >
Power Supply DC12V2.6A Power Adapter (Input 100*240V60'60HZ.1.6A)
Panel color black or white
Panel buttons Menu, Pgup (up), Pgdn (down), rational (end), Power (power switch)
Menu language Chinese, English (optional on multi-language menu)
Installation method Flip-mounted, rack-mounted, wall-mounted, desktop (embedded with optional base or wall mount)
Power consumption of the whole machine Working status: 25W; Standby status: 1W
Line frequency 30'60KHz
Field frequency 55~75KHz
Support for the screen
Whether with audio can be ordered before the instructions
Main uses Industrial site control, bank. Factory-Telecom. Network room host • Medical imaging and electronic medical records, paperless office;
Net weight is about 1.8KG
Standard accessories VGA cable, power supply, manual, power cord

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