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What is the difference between LED LCD TFT?


Aug 23, 2021

One, the structure is different

1. LED: It is a kind of display flat panel display, which is composed of a text LED module panel, which is used to save various information such as images, videos and so on.

2. LCD: The structure is a finished picture box on two parallel pieces of glass, and the TFT on the colored glass underneath (setting the colored piece on the film glazing sheet).

3. TFT: The pixels on every second are driven by the thin film integrated in the pixels.


1. LED: It is the electronic appearance composed of LED dot matrix. The screen display content forms such as text, animation, picture, and video are converted in time through the disappearance of the red and green light beads, and the display control is controlled by the structure display component.

2. LCD: The direction of the liquid crystal molecules is controlled by the signal and voltage changes on it, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling whether the pixel emits light or not.

3. TFT: The imaginary light source path using "transparent" photography is not a TN picture, but from top to bottom, from bottom to bottom. The polarizing plate penetrates upward.

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