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What is a liquid crystal display module? LCD screen manufacturers tell you!


Aug 23, 2021

The LCD module is roughly composed of liquid crystal display (LCD for short), integrated circuit (IC for short), flexible circuit board (FPC for short), and backlight (BL for short). These main materials are combined through processing to form a liquid crystal The display module seems to be quite simple, but the actual production process is far more complicated than we thought. The production process has strict requirements on the indoor temperature and indoor environment.

We generally refer to the liquid crystal display module as LCM for short. In fact, it is the whole part of the liquid crystal display without casing, which includes the backlight composed of (backplane, LED lamp, reflective film, LGP, upper and lower diffusion film, and brightness enhancement film). It is the so-called BL, and there is an open-cell composed of glass substrate, PCB board and liquid crystal. Adding the housing, backlight power supply and open-cell LVDS signal is a complete LCD display!

There are two main types of liquid crystal display modules, one is color liquid crystal; the other is monochromatic liquid crystal. Monochrome LCD is divided into monochrome graphic dot matrix LCD screen, monochrome character dot matrix LCD screen, and monochrome customized pen segment LCD screen. In fact, you can see LCD display modules everywhere in your life, such as TVs and computers with some electronic products with display accessories. One of its accessories is the LCD display module.

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