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Why does electromagnetic interference cause the LCD screen to malfunction?


Nov 21, 2021

Interference is a common and very difficult problem in product testing. When the system circuit is interfered, an interference wave of a certain frequency and a certain amplitude will be generated on the power line or signal line. As a display window of the product, the LCD module must also be one of the interfering performance windows. As far as the system is concerned, a module is a pure input component, or a passive component, which means that the module has the ability to receive any signal that satisfies the timing relationship of the operation without judging right from wrong. Wrong signals and data will produce wrong control word commands or display patterns, leading to wrong display effects.

Some of the problems we usually understand may be too one-sided, so today we have sorted out the following problems and analysis of electromagnetic interference for your reference.

Symptoms of electromagnetic interference
When the LCD splicing screen is interfered by electromagnetic signals, there will be obvious traces of fluctuations in the picture, and the large-screen display will have water ripples when interfered by static electricity or strong points around. The reason for this failure is mainly due to the weak signal in the signal transmission line. .
Analysis of the cause of the failure:
1. The signal transmission line is of poor quality and poor shielding.
2. There is a strong source of electromagnetic signal interference near the splicing screen.
3. There are short circuits and open circuits when the power line and signal line are put together.
4. Caused by unstable power supply.
In order to solve the problem of electromagnetic signal interference, we can do as follows:
1. The signal line adopts good quality brands, such as Green Union.
2. If there is a short circuit or open circuit in the cable, it is necessary to carefully check the cable connectors one by one, and it can be solved.
3. The LCD splicing screen power supply system should be stable.

The liquid crystal display module is a pure input component or passive component for the whole system. The liquid crystal display module itself has no error correction function, that is, the liquid crystal display module can receive any signal that satisfies the operation sequence relationship without the ability to judge right and wrong, right and wrong. Wrong signals and wrong data will produce wrong control commands or wrong display patterns, leading to wrong display effects. The first task to eliminate interference is to find the source of interference and the location where the interference affects, and then use effective methods to eliminate, weaken or shield, and remedy. Okay, I will briefly introduce it here today. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know the segment code LCD screen, remember to collect calisontech

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