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Samsung phases out a batch of LCD screen manufacturing equipment


Nov 23, 2021

Samsung has decided to gradually withdraw from the LCD LCD screen manufacturing business. Due to its advanced technology, its obsolete plant and equipment are still "sweet and delicious" for other companies. According to reports, Samsung's L8-1 LCD screen manufacturing line equipment has been bid for by Chinese and Indian buyers. Previously, L8-1 was used to manufacture LCD panels (Gen 8.5) required for TVs and computers, but it was shut down in the first quarter of this year.

Compared with Chinese buyers, it is reported that India seems to be more active and hopes to win. The background is that the country decided to invest 20 billion yuan in cultivating the LCD industry in May this year, with the goal of small size for smartphones 6 Generation LCD substrate (1500x1850mm) and large-size 8.5 generation LCD substrate (2200x2500mm).

China is already the world's largest LCD panel producer, thanks to the rise of companies such as BOE and China Star Optoelectronics.

It is reported that Samsung plans to completely shut down the LCD production line before 2022, and the L8-2 is currently still in operation. The L7-1, which was shut down in 2016, has already produced 6-generation OLED substrates exclusively for A4-1, and the L7-2, which was shut down in the first quarter of this year, will also be transformed into A4E to produce OLEDs.

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