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Continue to fall! TV LCD panel prices may fall all the way to the end of the year


Sep 15, 2021

As demand-side TV sales slowed down and supply-side panel makers tended to increase production in excess, the price of LCD panels for TVs has plummeted since August. TV manufacturers are expected to increase their bargaining power in the future, and panel prices may continue to fall by the end of this year. According to foreign media reports, according to the August price negotiated by Chinese and Korean panel makers and TV manufacturers, the issue price of the index 32-inch Open cell dropped by 15% from July to around US$75 per piece, a decline for the second consecutive month; 55 Inches also fell 8% from July to $210/piece, the first decline in 15 months.

Although the market had predicted that the price of large-size panels of 55 inches and above would drop in August-September, the market research agency said that based on the current situation, the decline was more than expected. According to reports, panel prices are likely to continue to fall by the end of the year, and with the decline in panel prices, the retail price of TVs may also fluctuate.

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