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Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of LCD LCD display


Dec 3, 2019

Liquid crystal display English is LiquidCrystalDisplay, abbreviated as LCD. Its main principle is to use electric current to stimulate liquid crystal molecules to produce dots, lines, and surfaces to form a picture with the lamp on the back.
Advantages of lcd liquid crystal display:
1. Thin body, saving space: Compared with the more bulky CRT display, the LCD display only needs one-third of the space of the former.
2. Power saving, no high temperature: It is a low power consumption product, which can be completely non-hot. Compared with other display screens, high temperature is unavoidable due to imaging technology.
3. No radiation, good health: The LCD screen is completely free of radiation, which is a boon for people who use it at work.
Fourth, the screen is soft and does not hurt the eyes: Unlike CRT technology, the LCD screen does not flicker, which can reduce the damage of the screen to the eyes, and the eyes are not easy to fatigue.
The advantages and disadvantages of LCD
Nowadays, there are many low-priced LCD screens on the market, and many businesses have also touted LCD to the sky. However, LCD has many very obvious advantages, but due to various reasons, the current low-priced LCDs are only belonging to The "low-end" in LCD products has many inherent shortcomings. Let's analyze in detail what are the shortcomings of these LCD screens.
Disadvantages of lcd liquid crystal display:
1. Price
2. Interface
The digital interface of the LCD screen is very cold. In theory, the liquid crystal display is a pure digital device, and the connection with the computer host should also be a digital interface. The advantages of using a digital interface are self-evident.
3. Small viewing angle
4. The response time is too slow

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